Power Bar LS ECO tnA power distribution on the highest technical and professional level. The shielding aluminium housing provides mechanical quality, Outlet sockets with copper contacts and an internal wiring with Pure Copper wires guarantee the lowest possible transition resistances and perfect potential equalization.

The current input on the right side is a professional ­NEUTRIK PowerCon with 20 A current capacity, silver contacts and a plug lock for a secure, captive contact. (The matching high-end power cord is of course also available in our program.) The optional built-in OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION ensures electrical safety by keeping away all voltages higher than 250 V from all connected devices.

All these expenses represent the best possible power distribution for your high-quality devices. The ascertainable sound gain of your music system emerges from the reduction of all types of resistors within the power distribution. The typical alternating current resistance between L (Load) and N (Neutral) of our 8-outlet LS is 0.03 Ohm. Therefore, self-consumption or power losses are excluded.

Your devices will perfectly powered show their ­maximum abilities!.