DC2DC FILTER 16 A / 230 V with two Schuko output sockets and Neutrik PowerCon - current input. A high-quality power cord with a length of 1.0 m is included.

The DC 2 will be integrated between your wall outlet and power distribution system, or you can connect appropriate devices directly.

Technical Data DC FILTER
  DC 2
DC 3
Operating Voltage
230 V 50 Hz
Current Carying Capacitiy
16 A
Storage Capacity
30.000 µF 408.000 µF

L x W x H

165 x 105 x 120 365 x 105 x 120
1,0 kg 3,0 kg

DC Filter

DC components in our power supply are increasingly interfering with the operation of mains transformers. The physical principle of a transformer is the conversion of a voltage with the help of a magnetized ferrite core. But that only works with AC voltage. The unusable DC voltage leads to the hum of the transformer. At the same time, the transformer loses its resilience to a great extent. Our DC filters remove the DC voltage components reliably.