PMS - Power Module Systems

A NEW sort of current distribution

pms imgPMS is a modular power distribution system consisting of six different modules. All modules can be combined with each other in almost any order. Electro technically it always fits!

The modules can also be operated individually. (For this purpose a mains cable with three-pole IEC C19 connector is required.) This means you have a current system that can be configured according to your wishes, changes in the HiFi-system can be adapted, it can be expanded as desired, and can also be rearranged for test purposes.

lyra tnModule with LYRA connector barThe high quality level is ensured by silver-plated connections (R <0.01 Ω) and 2,5 mm² pure copper internal wiring. We achieve the necessary mechanical strength with LYRA, our clever connecting rail, with which the modules are simply screwed together. Only two small screws, the tool is included!



beispiel1 img beispiel2 img


General Information

160 x 165 x 110 mm (width x depth x height)

Outlet colors:
All black outlets are unfiltered, all grey outlets are filtered.